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If you're wanting support to keep going in your journey,  you're encouraged to reap the benefits of the support of others who are doing the same thing.

I'll  support you to tackle your cravings, one day at a time.

Join me on the next step of your journey!


Sugar Free Support.

The support you need to get where you want to go.

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You can successfully become sugar free.

Let me show you how with small actionable steps every day you can break free.

I tried at least a dozen different diet plans  from the age of 12 until I was 32. I'd lose some weight and do pretty well for a time only to think I could handle a few treats here and there at birthday parties and holidays, you know.... only special occasions.

Then it became more consistent to have a nice special sweet treat just on Sundays to reward myself for a good week of healthy eating. Then Monday rolled around and I was determined to get back on track because of course I knew how to eat healthy and lose weight since I had done it many times before and succeeded.

What happened on Monday was the scenario I just shared with you above. I could eat well until about 3 pm and then the treats from Sunday were calling my name that I could not resist.

Many times, I could make it through the rest of the week until the weekend and then the battle would begin again. Because there was always another party or get together and saying no to the snacks that everyone else was having was just not fair in my opinion.

So if you've managed to stay Sugar Free for the 5 day challenge and you realise that you need to keep going and you need a support team to help you get there. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Access to a Facebook group with weekly Q&A's, plus a monthly support ZOOM that you can watch even if you can't attend.

Downloads to not make going sugar free boring and hard.

Plans to help you know

What to eat and what not to eat to truly stay free from sugar.

Downloads and recipes

Eating sugar free doesn't mean eating the same boring foods day in day out.

A cheer squad and support group

A facebook group where there is WEEKLY Q&A PLUS a MONTHLY ZOOM just to keep you on track and give you the latest information

Understand yourself and your triggers

Working with my worksheets and lessons you'll learn what sets you off on a sugar hunt and learn strategies to help you deal with these.

Here’s what people are saying about Sugar Free Mom 

It's not just the great tips, recipes and lessons it's also the support of the group that's the secret to success

Sugar Free Mom


Thank you Brenda

Thank you Brenda for a great week! As of this morning, I am down 8.6lbs

Sugar Free Mom


Thank you to Brenda... for the support

7.6 lbs. down and a combined 3.5" off my waist & hips! Thank you to Brenda and this group for the support.

Sugar Free support Plans

At Sugar Free Mom we realise that it's hard to keep going without support.

We also know that some people need a little and some people want everything.

That's why we have sugar Free Support and VIP Sugar Detox Membership.

  2 great ways to support you to get where you want to go

Sugar Free Support

Access to support within the Facebook Group 

Weekly Q&A

Once a month hop onto ZOOM for more helpful and life changing information.

Monthly price


VIP  SUGAR Free Tribe Membership

Fully supported option includes

6 week Sugar Detox course

2 months full VIP Membership FREE

Hop onto Zoom EVERY WEEK

Private Facebook Group

All downloads and E Books

$299.99 / year


Brenda Bennett,

Brenda Bennett, popular food blogger Sugar Free Mom, knows what it’s like to struggle with sugar and carb addiction and what it’s like to be doing keto alone without her husband following the diet.

She’s found freedom in the keto lifestyle and the ability to make recipes the whole family will eat. No need to cook differently for your kids and make separate meals for yourself. 

Since 2011, her blog has become the most popular sugar-free source on the web today. She has a devoted following of those looking to simply reduce sugar consumption, many who follow a low carb diet and many who have multiple allergies.

Her readers can identify with her as her own children have tree nut, peanut, and soy allergies and she herself has a gluten and dairy intolerance.

Brenda Bennett

Here’s what people are saying about Sugar Free Mom programs.

Sugar Free Mom


5 Day Challenge

I am down 7 lbs since starting!

This week has been a great experience. Thank you Brenda for giving me the tools to get started. I have 50 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight and look forward to learning more in your 6 week course. Registering today!

Sugar Free Mom


5 Day Challenge

Thanks so much Brenda for all the wonderful information...

I nervously stepped on my scale this morning - down 5 lbs! My 5:30am blood sugar was 119, that number is great for me! Thanks so much Brenda for all the wonderful information and also everyone in the group for all the support and food ideas! Can't wait to continue on with the 6 week course!

Sugar Free Mom


5 Day Challenge

I really enjoy Brenda's live posts

I just wanted to share with everyone that I lost 5 lbs this week! I am so happy. I also noticed I'm not as hungry and my joints aren't as stiff. My plan is to continue with the course. Money well spent! Thanks Brenda!!! P.S. I really enjoy Brenda's live posts. You can definitely tell she was a teacher in a past life. She's tough, yet caring.

Why Sugar Free Support?

The Sugar Free Support membership is for those who want to learn how to remove sugar and carb cravings to lose weight and feel better! With this membership you don't have to join the 6 week Sugar Detox course, especially if you're not yet ready to commit to 6 weeks. This membership will provide you access to SugarFreeMom for daily support within the private Facebook group as well as a weekly Live Q & A session to get your questions answered. Each month you will be able to join a LIVE Zoom support meeting where SugarFreeMom will teach you all her tips and tricks to learning

how to live without sugar to be healthy, thin and thriving! 

Don't struggle on your own.

Join now and get started on your new way of living Sugar Free

Don’t wait! Look at what past Sugar Free Mom students have to say.

Sugar Free Mom


So happy to have done this...

...Learnt a lot and my sugar levels have been great, besides losing 4 pounds. Can’t wait to start making things from Brenda’s cook book just need to grab some keto friendly supplies.

Sugar Free Mom


Weighed...this morning and I'm down 9 lbs

I don’t often post, but I definitely have to share this good news! Weighed myself this morning and I’m down 9lbs.

Sugar Free Mom


I’m truly flabbergasted by the results!

As of this morning, I’ve lost 7.6 pounds and three inches from my belly (measuring at my belly button) during this challenge. I can button a coat I could not button before the challenge. I’m truly flabbergasted by the results! So thankful I went for it! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to join the 6 week Sugar Detox Course?

No that course is totally optional and is not required to join the Sugar Free Support membership. 

Do I have to join the Live monthly Zoom class? 

No, this will be recorded if you can't attend live. 

Do I have to eat a keto diet for this membership? 

No, it is recommended to eat a low carb or keto diet but you can choose what works best for you. 

Do I have to take the 5 day Sugar Free Challenge to join this membership?

No but it is certainly recommended so that you can quickly learn some easy tricks and tips to get started removing cravings and losing weight. 

Do I have to follow a meal plan for this membership? 

No there are no meal plans with this membership. 

How much does it cost?

Just $14.99 per month.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

There is absolutely no risk for you. If you don't love everything, all you do is let us know within 14 days of your purchase, just email me, and I'll personally send you a prompt refund. No questions asked. We are real people just like you, and it makes a difference to us that you're satisfied!


On a personal note

I searched my whole life to find a solution to my weight and health  issues!

Sugar Free Mom support is driven by my desire to help other people stop the struggle.

Lose Weight, Feel Great and Stop the Cravings.


Don't struggle on your own.

Join now and get started on your new way of living Sugar Free