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How to stop night time snacking

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Brenda Bennett

Brenda Bennett, NTP

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Do you follow through on your healthy food plan during the day, only to give in to all the things in the evening?

Do you stick to your healthy habits Monday through Thursday but once the weekend comes, you have no self control?

You know exactly what to do to lose the weight you want to lose, yet for some reason, this cycle of self sabotage continues.

You are not alone and there are ways to combat this self destructive behavior so you can be at the healthy weight you desire.

Join me for a free coaching webinar where you'll learn...

Learn 3 key tools to end night time snacking and weekend self sabotage with Coach Brenda Bennett.

In this new FREE masterclass you will learn

The 5 steps needed for successfully living a sugar free life without feeling deprived 

The ways to avoid turning back to old eating habits and self sabotage

How to reach your weight loss goals and stay there.

And you'll realize how much easier it is than you thought.

Just like my client Kim...

I have been very happy with my results. I have lost a total of 16 pounds and 12 inches. But there have been so many other benefits! My joints don’t hurt anymore! I’m not as tired as I once was and I am not constantly hungry or consumed by snacking after dinner. I have learned a lot. Probably the best thing that happened was my head stopped itching so much. That had been bothering me for years with no apparent cause. I noticed that it stopped a month ago!


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Hundreds of women that I've worked with share similar stories of success.

They lost the weight they wanted to lose and have kept it off.

And I want to help you do the same

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Sugar Free Mom - Brenda Bennett

Brenda Bennett, popular food blogger Sugar Free Mom, knows what it’s like to struggle with sugar and carb addiction and what it’s like to be doing it alone without her husband following the diet.

She’s found freedom in the sugar free lifestyle and the ability to make recipes the whole family will eat. 

Since 2011, her blog has become the most popular sugar-free source on the web today. She has a devoted following of those looking to simply reduce sugar consumption, many who follow a low carb diet and many who have multiple allergies.

Her readers can identify with her as her own children have tree nut, peanut, and soy allergies and she herself has a gluten and dairy intolerance. 

Brenda Bennett

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