I've been a Sugar Free coach for a long time now and I know what works but the best information really comes from my clients!

Brenda Bennett

Brenda Bennett, NTP

I have been very happy with my results. I have lost a total of 16 pounds and 12 inches. But there have been so many other benefits! My joints don’t hurt anymore! I’m not as tired as I once was and I am not constantly hungry or consumed by snacking after dinner. I have learned a lot. Probably the best thing that happened was my head stopped itching so much. That had been bothering me for years with no apparent cause. I noticed that it stopped a month ago!


Sugar Free Mom Tribe Member

Her program is like getting tough love from a close friend! Her sugar-free detox program has changed my life! She has put me on a positive wellness journey. It is very important to approach Brenda’s program less as a “quick-fix” and more as the beginning of a journey that will move you closer to many different types of personal goals. I am so happy I decided to jump into this experience, and I have learned skills that will help me continue to lose and maintain my weight in the future! I learned so much about myself and realized that changing your brain is possible. I look forward to being part of the SFM tribe community for life.

Susan Commarato

Sugar Free Mom Tribe member

Sheree's Story

If you feel like you’ve tried everything else and failed, this is the plan for you!

...It wasn’t until I found Brenda’s 6 week sugar Detox course that I realized my compulsion for sugar is an addiction just like any other. The good news is that there is a sustainable way of eating that eliminates sugar without giving up sweets forever. While following Brenda’s plan, I have lost 40 pounds and kept it off. I’ve never felt like I was starving myself, and I don’t feel deprived...

Danette Anderson

Sugar Free Mom Tribe member

I started in january with the 5 day challenge

 I then continued with your Fresh Start course and signed up for your Tribe membership.

I have lost 18 lbs and most important of all is my A1C has gone down to 5.9 from 7 in October.

I'm Thankful I found you and I just want to say Thank you for what you do. You are a Blessing. I will be continuing with your Tribe membership and challenges.

Tammy Katzur

Sugar Free Mom Tribe Member

before starting I was feeling so unwell.

My blood pressure and blood sugar were high, I felt puffy, stiff,, and every time I ate, I would have coughing fits. It is amazing that after only 5 days that there is such a difference in how I feel and look!

My blood pressure and blood sugar are down. I see the inflammation decreasing around my ankles, hands, and face. I can swallow better and have no more indigestion.

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Sugar Free Mom tribe

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Sugar Free Mom - Brenda Bennett

Brenda Bennett, popular food blogger Sugar Free Mom, knows what it’s like to struggle with sugar and carb addiction and what it’s like to be doing it alone without her husband following the diet.

She’s found freedom in the sugar free lifestyle and the ability to make recipes the whole family will eat. 

Since 2011, her blog has become the most popular sugar-free source on the web today. She has a devoted following of those looking to simply reduce sugar consumption, many who follow a low carb diet and many who have multiple allergies.

Her readers can identify with her as her own children have tree nut, peanut, and soy allergies and she herself has a gluten and dairy intolerance. 

Brenda Bennett

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