Sugar Free Fresh Start Course

Remove sugar from your life once and for all. 

Break free from your sugar addiction, stop the cravings and lose weight for good with my proven online course.

  • Have you tried time and time again to give up sugar only to find yourself giving in and then giving up?
  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired??
  • Break free from the addiction to sugar, feel better, stop the cravings and lose weight.
Brenda Bennett

Hi, I'm Brenda, I hope you'll join me on this journey if you're ready to break free of the hold sugar has in your life. 

You can successfully become sugar free: You just need a step by step guide to tackle this one day at a time. Living sugar free can be done I've done it and I'll show you how.

I tried at least a dozen different diet plans  from the age of 12 until I was 32. I'd lose some weight and do pretty well for a time only to think I could handle a few treats here and there at birthday parties and holidays, you know.... only special occasions.

Then it became more consistent to have a nice special sweet treat just on Sundays to reward myself for a good week of healthy eating. Then Monday rolled around and I was determined to get back on track because of course I knew how to eat healthy and lose weight since I had done it many times before and succeeded.

What happened on Monday was the scenario I just shared with you above. I could eat well until about 3 pm and then the treats from Sunday were calling my name that I could not resist.

Many times, I could make it through the rest of the week until the weekend and then the battle would begin again. Because there was always another party or get together and saying no to the snacks that everyone else was having was just not fair in my opinion.

I wanted to eat the way my friends could eat and not gain weight and not have a problem

But I do have a problem and its name is sugar.

When did I finally realize and come to the acceptance of this problem? After many failed attempts to limit the consumption like "normal" people could. I failed miserably because no matter what I did to try to limit eating sweets, sugars hold on me was too strong.

But there is HOPE

When you detox from sugar, you will see amazing benefits:

By the end of this course your cravings will disappear. You'll no longer be controlled by sugar and carb cravings.

You'll have everything spelled out for you in my step by step videos and  guidelines to know exactly what you can enjoy and what you need to avoid.

Living sugar free can be done and you won't feel deprived.


Sugar Free Fresh Start Course

Step by step guidelines: You'll know what you can eat and what you should be avoiding 

Online Videos you can watch anytime: I'll take you through a whole range for things from mindset to net Carbs

Downloads, print outs and quizzes: To help you make the best change of your life

Tribe sugar free contents

Module by module you'll learn to overcome your sugar addiction

  • 1
    Module 1 The Basics 101: You'll learn exactly what to eat and what not to eat to detox from sugar. You'll have the option to choose the low-carb plan, keto plan or auto-immune diet plan. You'll receive handouts on what to drink, snack on, healthy fats & oils and optional supplements. You'll also learn if your snacking is habit or true hunger, about abstinence between meals, and how to fill-the-gap instead of snacking. 
  • 2
    Module 2 Basics 2.0 Leveling Up: You'll learn more about oils and fats and how they impact your health, where exercise fits into the overall picture,  and how to make friends with the scale - yes, really! We'll also cover self-care in this module, as well as how to track your progress and course correct when you need to.
  • 3
    Module 3 Fine Tuning : You'll learn about the right macronutrients for your body, food sensitivities, blood testing, and using the pulse record. This module also covers the triggers and cues that lead to temptation and how to combat it, as well as how to manage your emotions.
  • 4
     Module 4 Advancing Your Knowledge:  You'll learn about how grains and gluten impact your health and intermittent fasting, and how to follow a Protein Sparing Modified Fast. We'll also cover how not to let perfectionism get in your way.
  • 5
    Module 5 Beyond The Basics: You'll learn how to bust through plateaus, when to get further testing and what to test for hormones, adrenals, and thyroid. This is where you learn how to support yourself and keep the momentum going!

What People Are Saying About Brenda's Sugar Free Fresh Start plan

I really had to do something, I was at that point....

- Angie

I’m down 4.6 pounds and more motivated than ever

“.... Just one week on Sugar Detox course!"


“...down 4.8 pounds...

“I stepped on the scale this morning, after just one week...So excited"


“I lost 6lbs in my first week..."

“I don't expect it to keep falling off that fast, but it was a nice surprise, and a good motivator."



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You'll have access to this information to help you stay on track for a full year.

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This works for real people like you

“...would definitely recommend it to others!"

(Just catching up on week 4 because I had surgery last week- watching the meeting now). Brenda this has been a very positive experience! Before surgery I had lost 5 lbs. and was feeling better than I had in a long time. Learning a new way to think, cook, and eat has been great and I will be able to stick with this and make it a lifestyle. I have really enjoyed this course and would definitely recommend it to others!”


“Oh my goodness..."

“I love these recipes! I was steeling myself to hate what I was eating for a week, as I tried a similar plan in the past and really disliked the food…. in case you were wondering, I made it halfway through that plan before I quit and swore off breaking my sugar habit. But I am on day 3 of this plan now and my husband and I have loved all the food on here. Even my picky toddler and preschooler aren’t complaining (well, mostly, lol). I am totally enjoying eating everything for this week and am putting these recipes in my “favorites” book! Thank you for sharing this with the world!"

Jennifer Sizemore

“I am over the moon excited today..."

I have been doing all the rules , though not posting much. I have to preface this with I am a Type 2 diabetic and have been for 13 years...The excitement is that my fasting blood sugar this morning was 117!!!!! Yahoo! It has not been that low on 13 years! It has been hovering around 140 most days, but today was such a surprise! I am excited!

Brenda Bennett
Brenda Bennett

Sugar Free Fresh Start Creator

About Brenda Bennett

Brenda Bennett, popular food blogger Sugar Free Mom, knows what it’s like to struggle with sugar and carb addiction and what it’s like to be doing keto alone without her husband following the diet.

She’s found freedom in the keto lifestyle and the ability to make recipes the whole family will eat. No need to cook differently for your kids and make separate meals for yourself. 

Since 2011, her blog has become the most popular sugar-free source on the web today. She has a devoted following of those looking to simply reduce sugar consumption, many who follow a low carb diet and many who have multiple allergies.

Her readers can identify with her as her own children have tree nut, peanut, and soy allergies and she herself has a gluten and dairy intolerance. 

Don't accept cravings as a way of life. You can stop them and reach your goals.

Who is this Course For?

This Course is For You 

  • If you continue to deal with sugar and carb cravings and can't seem to get a handle on it.
  • If you need to lose 10 pounds or more.
  • If you are ready to make a change for the better for you health.
  • If you are determined and can commit to 6 weeks of diligence.
  • If you can commit to avoiding processed foods.

This Course is Not For You

  • If you rarely follow the rules of any program.
  • If you give up easily.
  • If you cannot commit to eating real, whole foods.
  • If you don't like accountability groups

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

There is absolutely no risk for you. If you don't love everything, all you do is let us know within 7 days of your purchase, just email me, and I'll personally send you a prompt refund. No questions asked. We are real people just like you, and it makes a difference to us that you're satisfied!


Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the course cost?

Can I have natural sweeteners from natural sources, like fruit juice, honey or maple syrup?

What do I have to stop eating?

Is there a meal plan?

Can I eat fresh fruit?

What happens if I fall off the wagon during the course?

Can I do this while traveling?

Can I have sugar free desserts on this sugar-free diet?

Will I lose weight during the course?

Can I do this with my whole family?

I can't eat gluten or dairy or nuts, can I still do this program?

Is there a support network of others doing this?

P.S.: I was once like you, and have spent my whole life learning about how to make my body healthy. I know you can do it if you can commit to work with me.

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