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Learn how to balance your blood sugar while eating delicious food that keeps you full and satiated.

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"...If you feel like you've tried everything else and failed, this is the plan for you!" Danette Anderson

If you've ever heard yourself saying this...

I know how to lose weight, I’m just not doing it.

Why do I continue to go back to bad old habits?

I’m a stress eater, there’s no hope for me.

Why can’t I moderate sugar like other people?

I get it. I wished for so long to eat whatever I wanted and be able to maintain a normal weight for my height. I tried all the diets and none helped until I finally chose to remove my drug of choice, sugar, in 2006.

Now I don’t struggle with cravings or temptations.

I can show you how to lose weight, remove the cravings and keep the weight off for good.

Ann says...

I've lost 12 pounds

I weighed and did measurements this morning.

I have lost 12 pounds and 11.5 inches. My A1C went from 7.5 to 6.7. My dr just cut my blood pressure medicine in half. Joining this group is the best thing I could have done for my health. I have met so many wonderful people who have become life long friends.

Kim says...

..I'm not constantly hungry...

I have been very happy with my results on this course. I have lost a total of 16 lbs & 12.25 inches since the 5 day sugar detox. But there have been so many other benefits! My joints don't hurt anymore, I'm not as tired as I once was, I am not constantly hungry or consumed by snacking after dinner. I have learned a lot. Probably the best thing that happened was my head stopped itching so much. That had been bothering me for years with no apparent cause. I noticed that it stopped a month ago!

Christa says...

I'm over the moon

Amazing results I'm over the moon! Thank you so much Brenda!

Went to see my endocrinologist and he took me off my fast acting insulin and drastically reduced my dons acting insulin. I lost a total of 11.9 pounds and 6.5 inches and I feel great!

Tammy says...

..thankful and blessed for Brendas coaching program...

Down 13 lbs & 7" since joining this program. Blood sugar is dropping each day. The best news of all, my husband said he wanted to give it a try. I selected Brenda's program because he has celiac and her recipes are all gluten free. Yet all the gluten packaged items we purchased were high in sugar Which was hurting me. So this gave me the best of both. Still learning to cook, measure and plan, but thankful and blessed for Brenda's coaching and program.

Join The Sugar Free Mom Tribe Membership

A hands on membership designed to support you to quit sugar for good.

It's time to go LIVE

  • The next Sugar Free Fresh Start Course will be happening LIVE with Kickoff night May 15th 2024!
  • This Sugar Free Fresh Start course is only offered LIVE three times per year giving you access to Brenda’s coaching, tools, and weekly support group meetings.
  • Purchasing the course on its own is $249, but you won’t have the LIVE support of Brenda as your coach.
  • Tribe Members get to participate in all the courses Brenda offers.

What You Get.

bonus courses

  • My Signature Sugar Free Fresh Start Course current cost $249
  • My Stall Busters Course current cost $199
  • The legendary 5 Day Sugar Detox Challenge current cost $9.99

Total Value $458

4 live group coaching calls every week

  • Manage your mind
  • Overcome obstacles and
  • Meet people on a journey like you to a Sugar Free Life

Total Value $2600

On demand replays

  • Watch or listen to past coaching calls 
  • An easy to search archived library.
  • Over 180 coaching classes 

Total Value $1500

Private Facebook community

We have the most supportive and encouraging weight loss community around.

24/7 access to women like you in a judgement free space. Our team is there answering your questions every day.

Total Value $1500

ask a coach email support

You’ll have access to our coach support team to help you with any questions you have.

Whether it’s help with your food plan, tweaking your protocol for success, tech support needs, or how to navigate the website, we will reply within 48 hours.

Total Value $1500

access to tools and downloads

You don't need to worry about finding the right tool to help you I've reviewed them all so you don't have to.

Links to quickly find them and downloads to really support you in your new life.

Total Value $2500

Over $10,000 in value

For just $49.99/month or $129.99/3 months


Sugar Free Mom Tribe Members have said

I look forward to being part of the SFM Tribe community for life.

...I am so happy I decided to jump into this experience, and I have learned skills that will help me continue to lose and maintain my weight in the future! I learned so much about myself and realized that changing your brain is possible.

susan commarato

Brenda's recipes give me the satisfaction of the foods I loved

I had bariatric bypass surgery on August 22 2016 and in 2 years lost 171.7 pounds. But then my weight loss stalled. I still wanted to lose 30 pounds. I made my goal with Brenda’s information on keto eating, her Stall Buster and Sugar Detox Courses, her recipes, and the weekly Zoom meetings...

sheree ann meier

While following Brenda’s plan, I have lost 40 pounds and kept it off.

I have struggled with weight my entire life...It wasn’t until I found Brenda’s 6 week sugar Detox course that I realized my compulsion for sugar is an addiction just like any other...While following Brenda’s plan, I have lost 40 pounds and kept it off. I’ve never felt like I was starving myself, and I don’t feel deprived

danette Anderson

Sugar Free Mom Tribe Overview 

Access all My Courses
  • My signature Sugar Free Fresh Start Course
  • End Impulse Eating Course
  • Stall Busters Course
  • The 5 day Sugar Detox Challenge
  • Live Group Coaching Calls every week
  • One Complimentary Coaching Call in your first 30 days
  • Ask a Coach Email Support
  • Private Facebook Community
On Demand Replays 
  • Listen or watch past coaching calls
  • Easy to navigate library
  • Over 200 videos from beginners to advanced

This membership is for you if you:

Need help to stay On Track

Have tried lots of times to be sugar free, I will teach you how to get back on track to make good habits stick!

Are busy and short on time 

Don’t have the time to focus on yourself right now, I will help you through with quick, easy life hacks that will work with your busy life!

Use food as a comfort

Want to learn how to deal with emotions without turning to sugar for comfort.

Have been a Yo Yo dieter

Want to end the yo-yo dieting and learn real life skills for managing stress.

Want to end your cravings

Want to learn how to face triggers and cravings without giving in to them.

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About Sugar Free Mom, Brenda Bennett

Brenda Bennett is the writer and photographer behind Sugar Free Mom, an allergy friendly low carb food blog that focuses on fresh whole foods, free of grains, gluten, and sugar. She launched her blog in 2011 and it has become a leading resource for low carb versions of high carb favorites.

With a Master’s degree in Special Education, Brenda has always wanted to help people. She overcame her own addiction to sugar in 2006 and her mission is to show others that a sugar free lifestyle can be sustainable, enjoyable and free from deprivation. Her online courses have helped her audience achieve freedom from sugar and carb cravings and lose the weight that want to lose.

Brenda is a Sugar Detox Coach, Keto Coach, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Life Coach. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband, 3 children and two pups. Her free recipes are located on and her courses are located on

Brenda Bennett

Her program is like getting tough love from a close friend! Her sugar-free detox program has changed my life! She has put me on a positive wellness journey. It is very important to approach Brenda’s program less as a “quick-fix” and more as the beginning of a journey that will move you closer to many different types of personal goals.

Susan Commarato

Get started now!

Get rid of sugar and start living your best life now.

Sugar Free Mom

What Makes Sugar Free Mom Tribe Different

Sugar Free Mom

A dedicated support team who understand the journey you are on

Sugar Free Mom

Live Coaching 4 times a week & Private 1-on-1 coaching available.

Sugar Free Mom

Hundreds of supportive guides, downloads and recipes.

Sugar Free Mom

A searchable library covering hundreds of topics to help you.

See for yourself...Sugar Free Mom Tribe Members Results

before-and-after-shots-Tribe -members

How Much does it Cost? 

$49.99/month or $129.99/3 months

Every membership Includes

  • Access to all of my current courses
  • 4 Live Coaching calls every week
  • On demand replay of over 200 coaching classes
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Ask a coach email support
  • Access to hundreds of tools and downloads 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7-Days


There is absolutely no risk for you. If you don't love everything, all you do is let us know within 7 days of your purchase, just email me, and I'll personally send you a prompt refund. No questions asked. We are real people just like you, and it makes a difference to us that you're satisfied!

Frequently asked questions

Do you need to follow a menu plan during the courses?

No, there is no menu plan. there will be guidelines each week of foods to enjoy and foods to avoid.

Do I have to be on Facebook to join this membership?

No Facebook is optional. The 3 x a week Zoom meetings will be enough to participate.

If you have Facebook though joining the private group will be helpful, especially to find an accountability partner and ask questions during the week.

What if I can't make the zoom meetings?

We have the zoom meetings scheduled 3 times a week but if you still can't fit them in then you'll have access to the website where they are stored. You can then watch them at your convenience.

How much time is actually involved in the course?

We suggest you allow 1-2 hours each week for the 6 weeks of the course, to watch the video and study the materials. 

Can I use my Health Saving Account or Insurance?

Some health insurances, HR Departments, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's) and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA's) honor the Sugar Free Mom Tribe Membership to be purchased with your FSA/HSA Card or as a reimbursable expense. Certain conditions must be met. 


  1. Contact your HSA or FSA Benefit Specialist or Administrator to find out if you are eligible to use your FSA/HSA card or be reimbursed for the Sugar Free Mom Tribe membership monthly subscription ($49).
  2. If required, ask your doctor to complete a letter of medical necessity or write a prescription.
  3. Check out using your FSA/HSA Card. Note, While SFM accepts FSA/HSA cards, but does not guarantee a card will not be declined. Card issuers are still at liberty to authorize or decline any payment as they would with any other type of credit card.
  4. If needed, print and submit your monthly receipts for SFM Tribe Membership. does not guarantee that your purchase is a qualified medical expense. If you use an HSA/FSA card for your method of payment, you acknowledge that you are responsible for determining whether this purchase will be a qualified medical expense, for submitting any and all required information to the IRS, and for any penalties you may receive as a result.

Do you have a billing question?

if you have a billing question please contact [email protected] 

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