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August 2021

Zoom August 25 2021
Topic: The Truth About Cholesterol


  • Effect of low carbohydrate high fat diet on LDL cholesterol and gene expression in normal-weight, young adults: A randomized controlled study
  • Insulin resistance, small LDL particles, and risk for atherosclerotic disease
  • Testing your LDL websites:,,, you don’t need a prescription from doctor
  • Dr. Nadir Ali- Cardiologist/ Why LDL cholesterol goes up with low carb diet and is it bad for health?'
  • Dr. Paul Mason, LDL research/Is LDL cholesterol really bad?
  • Dr. David Diamond- Deception in Cholesterol Research: Separating Truth From Profitable Fiction
  • Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore and Dr.Eric Westman
  • Pure Encapsulations Iodine
  • Zoom August 18 2021
    Topic: High Cholesterol & Keto Not Working

    Zoom August 11 2021
    Topic: Physical Fitness (Interview with a Personal Trainer)

    Zoom August 04 2021
    Topic: SLEEP

    July 2021

    Zoom July 28 2021
    Topic: Oxalates

    Zoom July 21 2021
    Topic: Positive Life Changes that Stick

    Zoom July 14 2021
    Topic: Dirty Genes & Epigenetics


    1. DNA testing - 23andMe
    2. Genetic Genie which will look at your genetics just by reading your raw data (FREE)
    3. Dr. Lois Nahirney DNA testing with consultaion
    4. Beautycounter Vit C Serum
    5. Dirty Genes by Dr. Ben Lynch

    Zoom July 07 2021
    Topic: Best Health Foods for Hormones


  • use code MODEL for 10% off
  • Gut microbiota
  • Take this probiotic before a meal, with a tablespoon of coconut vinegar which is a prebiotic to help with absorption.
  • June 2021

    Zoom June 16 2021
    Topic: Member Weight Loss Stories

    Zoom June 09 2021
    Topic: Back to Basics

    May 2021

    Zoom May 26 2021
    Topic: Vitamin D

    Zoom May 19 2021
    Topic: Weight Loss Member Stories

    April 2021

    Zoom April 28 2021
    Topic: Stress, Cortisol & Adrenal Dysfunction

    What is Tapping from Nick and Jessica Ortner.

    Zoom April 21 2021
    Topic: Intermittent Fasting & PSMF

    Dr. Stephen Phinney “Metabolic Effects of Fasting”
    Intermittent Fasting for Menopause -Dr. David Jockers

    Fasting Apps:

    Zoom April 14 2021
    Topic: Emotional Triggers

    Zoom April 07 2021
    Topic: Trigger Foods

    March 2021

    Zoom March 03 2021
    Topic: Triggers & The HALT method

     Download the resources below.

    The HALT method (Word doc)

    The HALT method (Word doc)

    The HALT method

    The HALT method (pdf)

    Zoom March 31 2021
    Topic: Gut Health

    Facebook Live March 01 2021
    Topic: Mouth Parties

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